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We help organizers and stakeholders protect attendees and their business interests from losses surrounding violent attacks. A violent attack by an armed individual intent on inflicting harm is difficult to defend against. Whilst there may be little to no physical damage, the aftermath of an attack impacts both the people and the continuity of a business.  Our broad coverage encompasses property damage, business interruption, loss of attraction, enhanced after-event care and crisis management assistance as a result of an event involving a vehicle, an explosive device or any hand-held weapon. We will also cover business interruption where a weapon has been brandished and threat of attack established, regardless of whether harm has or has not been inflicted.
/ First and third party liability

Liability Coverage for Peace of Mind

Malicious attacks coverage can provide primary protection for first and third party liability.

Should businesses face legal action following a malicious attack, we provide peace of mind that defense costs are protected and damages are covered.


Cyber attacks cause real-world business losses

Lone wolf attacks don’t always occur in the public eye; many take place behind a computer screen. Malicious attack offers clients the choice to add on cyber coverage, providing protection for both first-party costs such as legal, forensics and PR as well as broad business interruption such as system failure and third-party liability coverage.


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/ Frequently Asked questions

What do you need to protect against violent attacks?

Event security and setting are key elements to consider.

Our analysts study ongoing risks and help clients build the most comprehensive coverage based on a myriad of factors. We'll work with you to establish the key areas of exposure to both attendees and to the event stakeholders.

Are there different policy types to cover for international travel?

Violent attacks overseas add to the complexity of covering an event as both procedural and legal processes are different from domestic processes. Profound Insurance Programs has experience building the best policies to cover violent attacks should they occur overseas.